I belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture) in Northern California.  For $24 a week, I am given a big box of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables every Wednesday.  This blog chronicles my resulting culinary adventures.

As a single woman living on her own in Sonoma County and making under $25,000 a year, I know it’s difficult to make ends meet!  Sometimes we sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to our food.   Unfortunately, by purchasing pre-packaged meals and vegetables grown out of our own country, we are not supporting our delicate local economy… in fact, we’re hurting it.  Another thing that suffers is our bodies.  The quality of our food is terribly important.  Fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables are jam-packed with nutrients.  When you buy from a local farm that allows you to visit, you can see how your food is grown.  You can trust that you’re ingesting produce free from pesticides and chemical fertilizer.  You can nourish your body properly!

If you’re interested in finding a CSA near you, check out this link:

Local Harvest – Community Supported Agriculture

They also have a tab for local farms you can buy directly from and seeds for sale.


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