CSA Box #7

As I am wont to do, I have allowed other creative endeavors to get in the way of my cooking.  I procrastinate about it, telling myself that cooking a meal will “take too much time”, then find myself leaving my creative project to wander aimlessly through the kitchen looking for a meal that doesn’t exist.  The other huge drawback is the waste of perfectly good vegetables – rotting in the glow of my procrastination.  It really is worth it to take the 30 minutes or so and make myself something nutritious.  I think perhaps I’ll make a list of goals for cooking this week.  I like lists.

  • A huge salad
  • Italian potatoes & kale
  • Cabbage, potato & cheese casserole
  • Winter squash bisque
  • And I promise to finally try out the beet & orange salad that I’ve been resisting for a year now

There.  Goals.  🙂

What I got in the box this week:


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