Simple Dinner

I finished off the small delicata squash, half the onion left from the meatloaf, and a sweet potato squash from a month or so ago (hooray for winter squash and their typically long shelf life!) in a Winter Root & Veggie Bake.  I paired it with long grain brown rice and sun-dried tomato & basil chicken sausage.  Very warm & tasty!  I had the same thing for lunch and totally wasn’t tired of it.

Delicata squash is great because the skin is actually rather, well, delicate.  You don’t have to peel it.  The sweet potato squash, on the other hand, gave me quite a work out.  I microwaved it for two minutes first, which made it a bit hot.  The flesh had softened enough for me to get my wonderfully big & sharp knife through it, so I cut it into about four pieces.  This made peeling it a tad bit easier, but I won’t claim that I didn’t slip and accidentally throw the peeler into the compost bucket.  I am just talented like that.

I also want to note that when you’re baking your veggies, that oven is HOT.  Just opening it to stir your veggies every 10 minutes exposes your face to very hot air.  Please be careful!


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