CSA Box #2

I am already so inspired!

Box #2 contained:

3 Ruby Grapefruit

Red Beets

1 Head Red Lettuce

1 Head Purple Broccoli

3 Red Baby Bok Choy

4 Rutabaga

10 Bintje Dutch Heirloom Potatoes (5 small, 5 medium)

1 Bunch Parsley

20 Carrots

Now, it’s easy for me to sound like a salesperson and tell you that this is a lot of great food for $24, but I’m really not trying to sell you anything.  I promise.  I just want you to look at this picture I took this evening and appreciate the bounty:

CSA Box 2

CSA Box 2

(and ignore the mess, thanks)

The first thing I really should cook with is the bok choy because it’s a delicate green.  I’ll update with that soon.  However I was obsessed with the minestrone idea, so that is simmering on my stove top right now teasing me with its amazing aroma.  I’ll share the recipe tomorrow, so I have a chance to taste test it first.


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